My name is Julia Alvina. I love words and I want to write them for a living. I work with my heart first, I like writing about things that matter, the things that move us and anger us, at our cores. 
I was born in Sweden in the cold mid-winter 1993, and grew up in Stockholm, but have lived in Edinburgh since 2015. I have just finished my degree in Graphic Design at Edinburgh Napier University.
Aside from being passionate about writing, design and photography, I am also good at cooking, making playlists and laughing loudly. 
The things I enjoy working with the most (and coincidentally, what I'm most skilled within) are anything involving storytelling where I get use of my skills in copywriting, crafting (especially in card) and book cover design. 
Here you’ll find a mix of some of my favourite projects I’ve worked on in and outside of university.
If you have any questions on surviving baltic winters, need advice on assembling IKEA furniture or want to discuss flux capacitors feel free to contact me on: or find me on social media @julialvinacreative.
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